comfort zone

Last week I responded to an ad I saw outside of Whole Foods that basically said the following:

“Are you overweight? Tired of diet gimmicks and want to give good old-fashioned workouts a try? Call or email to find out more”

Who could pass that up? I emailed the address that was included and was told about a free training opportunity. The gist is this: twelve weeks of intense boot camp style training for FREE – as long as they can take before, during, and after pictures to use for their website. I was MORE than happy to sign up and had my first session today.

Oh. Oh my lord in heaven.

My knees, my glutes, my quads especially… all feel like crap right now. I didn’t realize JUST how out-of-shape I was, to be quite honest. I KNOW. How the heck could I be over 300 lbs and not realize that? I really don’t know.

But here’s a pledge: I started over today. I weigh 366.9 lbs according to the step on the scale I just did. Saturdays will be my new weigh-in days! By this time in 59 days, I want to be down to at least 350. Think I can do it?

Oh, and congratulations to Lyn over at Escape From Obesity – she’s lost 100 lbs! You should go add your congrats!! Lyn – that’s amazing. I only hope to be able to make the same blog post someday in the future!


What ended up happening last night may very well change this whole health and wellness journey I’m on!


I feel like I have a completely different outlook now! My thought process leading up to the fitness class I wanted to take was “no, I can’t do this, I’m crazy for even trying” and then I told Trev (my fiancé) about it and I felt obligated to go then! I signed up for it, hit “submit” and hoped that I would have the nerve to go when 6:15 came. I thought “Oh, I’ll find some excuse to not go, then just head to the same old elliptical/DREADmill routine that I always do at our usual gym”.

We went out to our favourite Indian buffet (vegetarian, so delicious) and before I knew it, it was 6:05. I was a mere two blocks away from the community centre when I looked up at Trev and said “I don’t think I can-…” and he interrupted me by saying “Your mind is the biggest hurdle, Sara. Go kick some ass”. Feeling energized, I went and kicked some ass!!!

I walked in, saw a sign-in sheet at the front desk and checked my name off. I went upstairs to the cardio studio and there were already a good 8 women sitting outside the door – and here was my first little sigh of relief. I saw people of various shapes and sizes, and they seemed friendly! Score!

We all went in, and I chose a spot at the back of the room – got out a step (only one level, thank you very much). I was positive that my heart was going to pound directly out of my chest and into the lovely hair-do of the woman in front of me. The instructor, Jenn Kempton? FABULOUS, A++++, would definitely recommend her to any of my closest friends. She was positive, encouraging and most of all human. She emphasized safety and listening to our bodies. 20 minutes of step routine with only 5 water breaks! and I was in love with this class. I signed up for the whole term, once a week til December 14th for only $50!!!

While this whole thing *rapid arm movements* has a lot to do with losing weight, it also has to do with pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and just plain feeling healthier. I am so proud of what I accomplished last night, truly. I need to remember the feeling I had when I walked out of the doors of the community centre and how strong I felt. It’s that feeling that I need to keep in the back of my mind when I have days where I think I “just can’t do it today” or that I “don’t actually like exercising”. I’m capable of SO MUCH and am SO BLESSED to have this body.

Thanks for letting me ramble… 😉