Hi, I’m Sara!

Me at my starting weight

yes, that's me in my bra! πŸ˜› I figure if I'd wear it to the beach, I could show it online!

I’m back at the blogging game after years of being absent – I really have missed it.

I’m starting this blog to entrench myself in the accountability of the online fitness/health and wellness world. I’m starting out at 370 lbs, and at 5’11”, that’s about 170 lbs above where I want to be.

Oh, details? I’m 27 years old, Canadian and am fortunate enough to be loved by three stepkids, a loving partner and the cutest kitty in the world.


I love getting e-mail at saratheftgrl @ gmail. I’m trying to tweet @saratheftgrl also. We’ll see how I do!

And oh yeah, I’m getting married in July 2011. πŸ™‚