I’ve added a Goals page to the header of the blog – I’ve been putting this off because it’s something that’s really REALLY discouraged me in the past. I was sitting here this morning on my laptop thinking about how I have 196 lbs to lose. Think about that – that’s more than half my starting weight.  How the hell am I going to manage this? I’m a person that absolutely loves to do as little as possible – hell, just look at the state of my house.

And then I thought – YEAH. Look at the state of my house. Ever since my friend’s husband died on October 13th, I’ve made nutritious meals every day, been keeping up on housework (way more than before) and have felt motivated! I’m doing it – making a conscious decision each morning to eat healthily instead of not eating for sometimes up to TEN HOURS after waking up! I’m researching things to keep me on track, getting exercise in, drinking more than enough water, and getting the sleep I need in! Plus, I’m down 10 lbs. That means that I only have 186 lbs to go, and only 9.6 lbs to go until I’m at 10% of my weight loss goal achieved.

I’ll be updating the Goals page soon with rewards for each milestone I pass – now that’s going to take some thinking!