You may be wondering what the heck the title of this post means – let me tell you. I stumbled across Skinny Emmie’s blog just as she posted this entry.

Dead Last Finish > Did Not Finish > Did Not Start

Think about how much sense that makes and apply it to your life. I was sitting here lamenting that I hadn’t done many dishes in the past few days. Really, I need to do a few pots and mixing bowls, then start the dishwasher running. I think back to a few months ago when I would just let the dishes SIT on the counter – not a bowl or pan in sight, and you know why? I didn’t cook. Sure, I would heat up some fish sticks, make some fries or pop a pizza in the oven. That’s not cooking!

Now I’m doing things like baking nutritious muffins. I’m making my own healthful hummus. I’m eating more than one huge grease-laden meal a day. Sure, I need to work on consistency, but hey – I started.
Don’t be so hard on yourself – you are amazing for even being on this journey.

Thank you so much, Emmie, for getting us to see this simple fact. You’re truly inspiring!