I am lacking in motivation lately, so I did something really simple…

I definitely made a sticker chart! I’m one of those people that will blatantly ignore online tracking systems, but put something on my closet door?! Forget about it!

I’ve got each date for the next 60 days (til December 20th) on here, with a box for each. I get up to 4 stickers a day. Here’s the key:

Red = vitamins taken that day – salmon liver oil, multivitamin, cinnamon extract, folic acid, B50 and, while not a vitamin, metformin.

Blue = Water intake was at least 8 cups/2L

Green = Food was on track – between 1900 and 2200 calories

Silver = 30 minute workout

Gold = 1 hour workout

I’m so excited to share my progress. šŸ™‚