“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you”

-Maori Proverb

Pardon my navel-gazing, folks. This will be about a little more than weight loss today. One of my good online friends lost her husband yesterday morning in a tragic way, in a way that wasn’t forseeable and just plain not fair. This friend, a fellow knitter, had endured a miscarriage all but a few months ago and now this. So incredibly sad. I cried and cried when I woke up to find out the news. I had taken a midday nap and my last tweet was “He’ll be okay”, as she had tweeted that the paramedics were there and that he wasn’t breathing. OF COURSE I thought he’d be okay! Who thinks that at 37 years old your husband is going to drop dead from a suspected heart attack? Not me! I woke up and people were talking about memorial funds and how she’s coping and it’s all just surreal.

It also has me thinking – is this going to be me in 10 years time? Have I not cared for my body SO MUCH that my body is going to give up way before its time and that’ll be it? I’m inspired. I don’t want to leave my partner and stepkids alone in 10 years time. I don’t want to become diabetic and be dependent on drugs for the health of my body. I want to be able to run and play effortlessly, not be winded after a couple of steps, or by sitting up.

I’m going to do this. I’ll post on my progress, as I’m going computer-free til Sunday. Wish me luck! 😉