I’m absolutely stunned at this week’s weigh-in – a loss of 1.2. After my first fitness class last Wednesday, I felt like my knees were shattering! I now know that the hot tub soak after the class was one of the worst things I could have done after vigorously working out.

Last night was my second fitness class and wow – it was a little bit more difficult! And just to prove it’s not all in my head, I asked the instructor and she confirmed that she had stepped it up the tiniest bit. Whew. I’m glad I even went to the class last night, as I was sitting at home til 6pm (it starts at 6:15), convincing myself that I hated it.

SERIOUSLY, WTF? I don’t hate that class at ALL – I love it! The instructor is positive, the women that take the class with me are friendly, I sweat my fool butt off – what’s not to love?! So, I went and enjoyed it. I walked back from working out and stopped at my favourite coffee shop to get myself a drink – just a sugar-free raspberry-lime iced tea. Mmm. When I got home, I was motivated enough to do the dishes from the night before, wash down the kitchen surfaces, sweep and take out the trash. BOOYAH!

I did find that during the class I was getting a bit dizzy, and I’m going to chalk that up to not having enough to eat beforehand. Seriously, a bar of chocolate? Not good fuel for the job!

Oh, and in the spirit of helping each other – here’s a bloghop! Go, add yourself and read and comment on people’s blogs, mmkay?