How do you break out of the mindset of “I can’t do this”?

Maybe it’s just the seasons changing, but I seem to be stuck in a rut the past two days. Heck, today I woke up at 6am ready to take on the world, but was back in bed by 10am, and slept for a solid 5 hours. Sick, right? Nope – it’s just fall and all I want to do is knit, eat and watch tv.

Yesterday the twins (2 of 3 of my fiance’s children) and I went to the park near our house that has a .25k track. I was thinking that I’d get some walking in while they played at the adjacent park. Imagine my dismay when we show up and it’s fenced in! Doing some quick research on the matter has turned up that they’re doing renos on the track – turning it from dirt to rubber – and adding a playing field.

I’m rather proud of how I handled that setback, actually. I find that when things go off-course from where I expected them to be, I get agitated and very short. We showed up, my mouth gaped open and what did I do? Grabbed the frisbee from the bag, situated the twins in a triangle with me and threw it around. Frisbee is quite entertaining when you actually run for it!

I suppose my point is, that sometimes all it takes it getting off your butt to change your point of view. Makes sense, right? I mean, changing your literal point-of-view is bound to change things. 🙂